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Mission & Vision

To optimize the accessibility to technology for everyone.

SuperAnt – Our Story

Ants are powerful creatures. They are tiny in size, but mighty in strength. They can carry weights up to 10X more than themselves and they survive floods by creating a raft that floats on water.

SMEs are like ants, they are super hardworking. They deal with everything from book-keeping, sales, customers service to stock counts, and they never give up despite sacrifices and obstacles. Similarly, when SMEs come together, business deals will happen. They will survive market downturns and prosper together!

At SuperAnt, we carry the spirit of this extraordinary creature and we are determined to be a colony that makes a difference. With teamwork, grit and passion, SuperAnt aspires to empower people and businesses that make great products and services to move the world forward.

Business Value

SuperAnt is a technology company and we make it easy and affordable for businesses to go digital. SuperAnt provides the fundamental technology ecosystem that optimizes the accessibility of technology to everyone.

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We work closely with thousand of brands and SMEs in the ASEAN region.
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