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Today's buyer is changing. They are no longer relying on salespeople or limited channels for information. Instead they turn to the internet, communities and social networks for information. Hence, businesses need to build extra channels to loop in leads. We offer the CRM solutions to help businesses digitally manage your operations.

What we offer:


Easy and affordable, SMEs with small budgets can use our CRM software to connect with other businesses via our B2B Platform. Our CRM enables SMEs to build relationships with each other through messaging and listing system.


We want to help digitize mall spaces with our CRM. Say goodbye to outdated manual space leasing methods, unorganised tenancy listing, you can now list your mall spaces via cloud through our Retail Space Management and manage your tenants using a customized system. We also offer Big Data reporting function which enables mall owners to obtain real-time visitor data using our IoT technology.


A cloud panel solution that connects you with other businesses via our B2B Platform. You can now source for businesses using one all-in-one messaging and listing system. Businesses happen when networks are build, start connected now.


It is a challenge for B2C retailers to build brand loyalty, we offer a customisable CRM cloud system to consolidate your physical store data obtained with our IoT solutions. As to retain customers, we offer a Loyalty Program that will connect you with lovers of your brand. Manage all of these Big Data with one CRM platform.

We are living in the Digital Era, surrounded by technology. Businesses today need to incorporate technology and keep up with the swift changes to stay relevant and competitive. Our CRM solution is designed to help businesses utilise technology to improve business sales, operations and customer satisfaction. Get your all-in-one CRM system today!

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