Internet of Things (IoT)

Your high-tech intelligent business tool.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT is a network of physical objects that are connected to the internet that are able to communicate between objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems.

Digital Solutions Incorporated Into Your Business

We apply our expertise in IoT devices to create digital solutions that can capture Big Data, analyse it and translate into useful data- driven business insights.

Step 1:
Incorporate Smart Devices Into Your Business
Step 2:
Data Analyzing & Management
Step 3:
Transform Insights Into Action

Demographic System

Know your customers better using solid and real-time IoT solutions to uncover customer patterns, predict trends and obtain hidden insights.

2D mono and 3D stereo camera technology
SMART Face Recognition - identify VIP/ blacklisted individuals
Deep learning technology - facial expression analysing
Customer profiling by gender and age group

People Counting Sensor

Use video-based sensor technology to further enhance your retail operations, services and marketing strategies. Use technology to improve retail operations.

Real-time footfall count by entry time and date
Measure the number of visitors
Visitor Analytics

Improve communication between different departments and increase digital solutions efficiency with IoT

We utilise our Cloud Panel System to store the collection of visitor data which will then be analysed and transformed into data driven reporting to help you improve conversion rates.

Media & Partners

We work closely with thousand of brands and SMEs in the ASEAN region.
Malaysia Retailers Association
中國報 The China Press
Credit Bureau Malaysia
Tourism Malaysia
Sekretariat Pembangunan Usahawan Malaysia (SAME)
Malaysia SME
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