Loyalty Program

Tailored for merchants, to help you connect with your loyal customers

Built for shoppers and retailers in mind

Integrating member and rewards program into one app, we are connecting merchants with shoppers. A revolutionary new way for shoppers to earn while they spend. This app is build for the convenience of shoppers, earning tokens while spending at their favourite outlets.

Did you know?

All-In-One Convenient Loyalty & Rewards System

It is hard to keep track of multiple loyalty & rewards system but with an all-in-one system, merchants can now look beyond the fuss and manage their loyalty programs with ease. Our Loyalty Program app is designed for the use of shoppers. An app that they can get rewarded when they spend and earn tokens to claim even more rewards from their favourite merchants.

Loyalty Program Features:

Applicable Across All Retail Outlets

A digital solution that can be used by any type of retail, from big retail chains and malls to independent cafes and kiosks. It is an integrated loyalty program to reward returning customers and members.

Multiple Loyalty & Rewards In One App

Customisable loyalty & rewards offering, our Loyalty Program connects merchants with its loyal customers. This offers a new marketing avenue for personalised remarketing such as birthday rewards, welcome rewards and localised festive deals.

Instant Blast Out

Send out your offers/promotions/deals instantly to your loyal customers via the app. Notify them about your new products. This creates a highly targeted marketing as your offers, deals, promotions and brand will be seen by your loyal customers, reaching out to relevant people.

Environmentally Friendly & Less Fuss

No more physical membership cards, no need to snap the receipts, no stamping and no manual checking of rewards validity, let technology help you manage your own digital loyalty and marketing program. The process only involves the smartphone and valid mobile numbers, shoppers use the app to claim their rewards.

Shoppers will always remember their experience with a brand. Our loyalty program comes in to help merchants initiate a follow-up with a reward/promotion/deal to keep loyal customers to come back and remind them about your brand. It’s human nature to stay with brands that we love. Merchants should also look at Social Media Marketing to engage with shoppers.

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